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Tonja Myles, Trained to Fight While Wounded

Feb 28, 2023 01:08PM ● By Staff Writer


Tonja Myles is one of the Zachary residents featured in our Black History Makers feature in the winter 2023 issue.

Peer Counselor

Addiction does not discriminate–from the curbside to the country club. That’s the message Tonja Myles of Set Free Indeed Ministry preaches, and she’s just as comfortable doing so in drug-ridden pockets of Baton Rouge as she is from a podium in Washington, D.C. 

Veteran and Mental Health Advocate

Myles has walked the path of drug addiction, suicide attempts and sexual abuse, and then went on to serve nine years in the Army National Guard as a military-police officer. Today, she celebrates 36 years in recovery. Her daily intention is to spread hope, and she and her team are out in the community daily providing info on where to seek help for addiction. Her efforts over the past decades have helped move thousands into recovery.

Community Activist

To Myles, Black History Month is a 28-day intentional spotlight on what African Americans have done to build this country. Regardless of color, we all benefit from the past and ongoing work of Black leaders, and we all want the same thing–to be loved and respected, and to live in peace and safety.

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