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Travel Thursday: Costa Rican Paradise

Sep 14, 2023 01:38PM ● By Staff Writer

Destination: Quepos, Costa Rica

Dates: August 11-17, 2023

Travelers: Amber & Kaleb Clark and friends 









Choosing the Destination

Amber and her husband Kaleb were introduced to Quepos, Costa Rica, by friends who had visited what they referred to as a "honeymoon" resort. The very mention of Quepos sparked their curiosity and it sounded like the perfect tropical escape.

Once they did their research, the decision to choose Quepos as their destination was a no-brainer. Quepos offered a unique blend of lush rainforests and pristine beaches, making it the ideal backdrop for their much-awaited adventure.










Exceeding Expectations

Once in Quepos, Amber and her travel crew were in for a series of delightful surprises. The first was the culinary scene. Their food in Costa Rica was exceptional, from the flavors to the freshness.

The warm and welcoming locals also played a significant role in making the trip exceptional. Their genuine hospitality made Amber and her friends feel like cherished members of the community, adding an authentic and heartwarming touch to their experience.

However, the true showstopper of the trip was the awe-inspiring views that greeted them at every turn. Whether they were basking on the sun-kissed beaches, trekking through the lush trails of Manuel Antonio National Park, or simply relaxing in their hillside villa, the panoramic vistas of dense rainforests and the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean were nothing short of spectacular. It was as if they were living in a postcard, and every moment was a picture-perfect memory.

Words of Wisdom 

In hindsight, Amber couldn't help but wish for one thing: more time. Quepos had so much to offer, and they had barely scratched the surface. Her advice to fellow travelers would be to plan for an extended stay to fully immerse themselves in the wonders of this tropical haven.

Amber also had a travel tip to share. The journey to Quepos was a bit time-consuming with flights and a car ride. She suggested considering a puddle-jumping flight from the airport to Quepos to save time and make the most of the vacation.

Amber found that Quepos was a destination with a universal appeal. It seamlessly blended family-friendliness with the allure of a romantic getaway. While families could enjoy a safe and enriching experience, couples seeking an intimate escape would find paradise in places like Tulemar and Makanda, which offered serenity and romantic charm.

¡Pura Vida!