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Travel Thursday: Exploring the Beauty of Lake Michigan

Destination: Michigan - Ann Arbor, Saugatuck, Douglas
Dates: August 30 - Sept 12, 2023
Travelers: Cindy Shotwell and Alison Williams

Choosing the Destination

Cindy Shotwell, founder of Must Luv Dogs Rescue, recently traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan to dog sit her 3 grand dogs while her oldest son was travelling in Europe. On her last week there, her best friend of 40 years, Alison Williams joined her for a trip to Saugatuck and Douglas. The pair stayed at a wonderful, restored vintage motel, visited Douglas Beach Park and enjoyed watching the wildlife and beautiful sunsets on Lake Michigan.

 Exceeding Expectations

"Lake Michigan was one of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen in the states. I've watched many sunsets on the beautiful gulf coast, but something about those crystal-clear waters of the vast lake and the sun trail it creates at sunset was so amazing. We were at the beach there along the banks at Douglas, MI, and quietly near sunset, folks just came. They started coming down the stairs along the banks of the lake and silently sitting. I looked up and suddenly the beach was filled with folks. Folks who knew what a spectacular thing a sunset on Lake Michigan is. Also, the gorgeous wildlife was so abundant all around."


 Words of Wisdom
Ann Arbor is a wonderful place to live, work and visit. It's the home to the University of Michigan. Cindy says, "the public areas for hikes, swims, boating, and floating is endless. It's a very multi-cultural, artsy place with a very walk-able downtown."
One word of advice she gives is to be sure to make the 2-3 hour drive up to the Lake Michigan coastal areas of Saugatuck and Douglas. And driving the scenic route is a must with acres and acres of beautiful rolling fields of corn, tons of beautiful trees, and old farmhouses and barns left over from the last century. "The entire drive is a rolling picture postcard," said Cindy. "Families as well as couples would love the area. There are tons of historic sites to see for the history enthusiasts."