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Travel Thursday: Exploring Egypt

Destination: Egypt
Dates: September 21-29, 2023
Travelers: Regina Porter, Avis Bell (Sister) and Charlene Perry & Denise Jackson (College Classmates) 

Choosing the Destination
For Regina Porter, Zachary Chamber of Commerce Director, Egypt has always occupied a coveted spot on her bucket list. Accompanied by her sister Avis and college friends Charlene and Denise, they embarked on an unforgettable journey through the ancient marvels of Egypt.
"Egypt has always been on my Bucket List! I want to see as many of the Wonders of the World that I can see,"
says Regina.

Exceeding Expectations 

The highlight of their expedition was undoubtedly the Pyramids of Giza. Standing majestically against the backdrop of the Egyptian sky, these colossal structures surpassed all of their expectations. Witnessing the grandeur of the pyramids in person was a surreal moment, one that made them feel a connection with civilizations long past.

Sailing on the timeless Nile River was another dimension of their adventure. As they gently glided on its waters, Regina couldn't help but recall the biblical stories that were an integral part of her upbringing – a glimpse into a world that existed long before their own.

Words of Wisdom 

For those contemplating a visit to Egypt, Regina offered a few words of wisdom. Comfort is key.  Wear comfortable shoes as you navigate through the ancient sites, and wear light clothing to beat the heat. She also adds that clothing choices are not just about the weather- it's about embracing the culture.

Respect for local customs is paramount. In Egypt, particularly when in public spaces, it's customary to have your arms covered. This simple gesture goes a long way in showing appreciation and understanding for the cultural nuances of this remarkable country.

Engaging with the locals, savoring their cuisine, and immersing themselves in their way of life added a layer of depth to their adventure that they hadn't anticipated. Regina says, "having traveled the world has given me the opportunity to have an open mind."

Regina feels like Egypt is the perfect destination for history buffs. The pyramids, Sphinx, and temples tell a tale of a glorious past, inviting visitors to step into the shoes of pharaohs and explorers. Every step taken is like a journey through time.