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Farmer's Market Finds Week 3

Dec 01, 2023 12:50PM ● By Lauren Pope

Vendors from all across the area come to Hug Your People Park in Zachary to sell goods, socialize, and educate the community about the benefits of buying local. We spoke with many of the vendors and learned a bit about their shops and what motivated them to become artisans.

Here are just a few of the great shops you’ll find every Saturday at the market. There are so many great vendors that it will take a few weeks to highlight them all, so stay tuned next week for more great stands.

In case you missed it, read week 1 and week 2 here.

Crocheting Paw Paw

Want to stand out in a sea of clear bags the next time you go to an LSU game? The Crocheting Paw Paw, Nate Ford, has you covered with his crocheted shoulder strap bags. He also has your head covered with all the beanies you could ever want. He spends his weeks crocheting and his weekends selling his creations, so there’s a new stock of merchandise every week. 

It’s finally starting to cool down a bit, so it’s the perfect time to go pick up a new handmade hat. He’s got them for every sized head! 

Wake Robin Hill

If you struggle with sensitive skin that doesn’t do well with commercial soaps and lotions, you’ll be happy to hear that the Wake Robin Hill stand sells natural handmade products that were specifically designed to be as skin and allergy friendly as possible. You won’t find any lanolin here! They also smell heavenly.

Even if you have tough skin that can take on the roughest detergents, you’ll still want to stop by to grab some Boo Boo Butter. This stuff is great for any cut and scratch and is perfect for tossing in your purse, diaper bag, car, and desk drawer. It is made with infection and itch fighting ingredients and works great on bug bites too! Follow on Facebook for seasonal offerings.

Ms Ruthie’s

Looking for the best cracklins in town? Look no further than Ms. Ruthie’s. They come in spicy and BBQ varieties and are the perfect keto friendly snack. Her stand also sells pralines and pickled veggies. Her son Jay was manning the stand when I went, and he’s just as passionate about the products. Everything you buy here has FLAVOR and crunch. Get there early though, because they sell out! 

McRitchie Made

McRitchie Made sells fun, funky, fabulous jewelry. Some of the pieces started their life as something else and have been repurposed into stunning works of art. You might find a ring made of a bit of recycled glass or a set of bracelets that were once part of a belt. You’ll also find custom bead and metal work as well as themed earrings to wear to support your Broncos or Tigers. Given their recycled nature, if you like a piece you’ll need to buy it quickly. When it’s gone, it’s gone. 

The stand also offers repair and replacement services for broken chains and earring backs. 

Langford Family Produce

Langford Family Produce is a true farm stand. If you enjoy the very freshest produce plucked straight out of the ground, you’re in luck. However, those fresh carrots and turnips go FAST every Saturday. No dilly-dallying. By the time I arrived at around 11, the produce stand was down to just a few jars of pickled produce and a couple of bunches of lettuce. Locals know this is the place to go for gorgeous greens, and they aren’t waiting around to get them. 

Everything is pesticide-free and freshly picked. Come get ‘em!

The Zachary Farmers & Artisans Market is held every Saturday from 9am-1pm at Hug Your People Park located at 4412 Lee Street in downtown Zachary. Follow Zachary Farmers and Artisans Market on Facebook for special events. Every Thursday, vendor lists for the weekend are posted to Facebook.