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Cotillion Club is Coming to Town!

What is Cotillion?

The Preteen Cotillion Club of Zachary is a seasonal series of parties and events for 3rd-6th grade boys and girls, that provide tasteful, chaperoned social opportunities in a fun learning environment.

Socialization in schools has changed greatly from years past.  Recesses have become shorter and shorter, children cannot converse during school lunch, and extracurricular social activities have almost disappeared.  Preteen Cotillion Club benefits young people in all aspects of life from team sports to college scholarship and career interviews, and beyond.

The definition of cotillion is “social dance.”  As we dance through life, we encounter a plethora of situations that may be uncomfortable, due to having never experienced something similar.  Cotillion programs give young people a life advantage, a head start. While the social dance aspect is included in future programs for older students, the Preteen Cotillion Club will offer line dance and rhythm instruction at the monthly instructional parties.

Areas of instruction and practice include, but are not limited to:

Proper Introductions, Being Respectful, Refreshment Table and Buffet Etiquette, Using Doors and Chairs, Polite Conversation, Being Charitable, Following the Golden Rule, Sportsmanship, Gift Giving and Receiving, Thank You Notes and Showing Appreciation, Manners at School, Sports, and Visiting Friends, Table Manners, Entering into the Spirit of the Party, and much, much more! Each season concludes with an Instructional Meal and Grand Celebration.

There are two seasons each year- January through May, and August through December. *Holiday camps, school programs, private parties, and specialized instruction are also offered upon request.

A Note from the Program Director

As many have experienced, children often learn better when someone other than parents or caregivers are in the instructional role. “I can attest that my children (and now grandchildren) did not respond the same to my teachings as others in authority yet seem to thrive in environments that are directed by other adults,” says Program Director, Beth Young.

About the Program Director

Beth Young was trained and certified as a Cotillion Director by The National League of Junior Cotillions in 1997. She directed cotillion programs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for several years, before relocating back home to Louisiana, where she presented the program through 4-H clubs, homeschool programs, and community groups. She was also active as an office holder in parent-teacher associations and has been employed as a substitute teacher, associate director of a youth theater organization, marketing director of a shopping mall, and more recently, in the hospitality and tourism industry as a tour guide.

She has resided in Zachary for 11 years and saw the need in the area for additional positive, social activities for her grandchildren and other children their age. She has re-launched the program with contemporary adjustments to address the more current way of life.

Louisiana State Cotillion will launch its inaugural Preteen Cotillion of Zachary chapter on January 14, 2024. Membership inquiries are now being accepted, and the Parent/Teacher Membership Advisory Panel is now being formed. For additional information on student membership and/or Membership Advisory Panel, please send email to LAstatecotillion@y