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Mission accomplished: COZ completes 39 road rehab projects

Dec 17, 2023 12:15PM ● By Jen Gennaro

The City of Zachary recently completed 39 road rehabilitation projects identified on the City of Zachary’s 2023 Road Rehabilitation Program list. Every year, the City repairs, resurfaces, and restripes roads selected annually based on their condition and available funding. The estimated cost of the overall project was $3,000,000. “We were very pleased with the timely manner of the construction and outcome of the resurfaced roads,” says Mayor David McDavid.

Additionally, work planned for Rollins Road, Port Hudson-Pride Road, and MacHost fall under the parish-wide MoveBR Tax projects. According to the MoveBR website, the City-Parish will widen Rollins Road and add turn lanes, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and lighting. MacHost Road is currently in the process of buying rights-of-way from residents along the road. No official date has been given as a start date for either of these projects.