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City Council Meeting Highlights 1/9

Jan 22, 2024 01:36PM ● By Lauren Pope

Jan 9, 2024 | City of Zachary Council Meeting

Attendees: City Council 


  • Public Policy Comment

  • Move Agenda Item N6 to C2 o accommodate Ms. Hillhouse’s schedule

  • Minutes from last meeting approved

  • Motion to create category of recognition and honor of city employees

  • Water Contract Notes

    • Pay estimate three in the amount of $294,189.16

    • Change order for $10,000 deduction for 50 feet savings on the mesh screen.

  • The road contractor is finishing up Type B Patching and should be finished this month 

  • Ordinance 2023 - 20 relating to stormwater management in construction passes

  • Audit Report by Baxley and Associates

    • Total assets of $131,269,000

    • Total assets for the year have increased by $16.7 million

    • Total Liabilities of $70,235,000

    • Your net position is $65.5 million

    • The net position increased by $8.3 million over the previous year.

    • Net income for the year is $8.3 million

  • Councilman Graves elected as Mayor Pro Tem for 2024

  • Planning and zoning meeting was delayed by weather. Unable to hear items 2A and 2B as well as items 5A so they’ll need to be pushed to the Jan 23rd agenda.

  • J1 - receive counts payable from December, 2023 and natural gas bill

  • Remove 4424 Virginia Street from the list until the flag ordinance and sign ordinance are approved and the owner is properly served. 

  • Tabled issuing some junk property and illegal sign subpoenas for 60 days until they can be properly investigated

  • Removed issuing junk vehicle subpoenas from the agenda but moved to investigate procedures for alerting owners of junk vehicles that they are in violation of city ordinances. 

  • Tabled discussion on how voting will be set up inside city hall for the upcoming Presidential Election and how that will impact City Hall employees. Will discuss it again at Feb. meeting. 

  • Motion passed relating to public use and access to public buildings such as City Hall. Louisiana City Attorney’s Association recommends designating which parts of the building are freely open to public access and which are not. 

  • Motion passed on ordinance 2023 -18 on ordinance to the enlargement of the boundaries of the City of Zachary by the annexation of Track A, one of the Charles C. McCoy Tracks, located in sections 45 T 4 SR 1 EGLD within EBRP, Louisiana and to the municipal limits of city of Zachary. 

  • Motion passed to adopt ordinance 2023-19 related to a recommendation to create a zoning district verification fee. 

  • Entered into Executive Session to discuss Civil status of civil litigation issues. Moved to regular ordinance

  • Reconvened into regular council 

  • Motion passed for a supervisory writ from the Louisiana supreme court regarding Goodson vs. City of Zachary litigation. 

  • Reconvene about a condemned building inspection report

  • Discussion of business not on the agenda

    • An ordinance needed to regulate flags and other issues in the city. 

    • Reports of vulgarity being advertised for a business in town.

    • Might need to look at the ordinance to try to clarify that and maybe shut some of it down.

    • Pile of debris behind LeBlanc’s drive in, Shelby will assist with getting that picked up.

Watch the full meeting or read the complete transcript at the City of Zachary's website