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Why does that wrestler have a crowbar?

Jan 29, 2024 11:00AM ● By Jen Gennaro

Following the bathroom flood due to the freeze, we met Servpro at the house the next morning to check progress on drying the place out. There had been a hard freeze the night before, and unfortunately, we could not get the temps in the house warm enough for the equipment to perform properly. So that delayed restoration beginning by another day. We went back upstairs and started on our day's work, only to hear loud banging coming from downstairs. What in the ever loving…?

We went downstairs to discover a man, a burly, hyper man who stood about 4’11” and wore a “kneel for the cross” shirt that also had an American flag on it, cargo shorts, and high top wrestling boots, and he was destroying the kitchen floor with a crowbar, under the direction of a ponytailed man wearing socks with flip-flops in the below freezing temps and answers to the name “Hippie.” Mike had confirmed with a contractor that they got the job for updating the kitchen floors… we just didn’t know it was gonna happen, like, right now. 

We endured the crowbar demolishing for the next two days, having to ask the wrestler just once to lower his music. Now, I’m no expert in construction, but I do remember renting a tile scraper-upper from Home Depot after the 2016 flood, and it seemed to be a far more practical and effective method than the wrestler’s crowbar. Alas, I didn’t get the opportunity to broach the subject because the wrestler sucker punched Hippie in the back of the head the next day and was promptly fired–something about his coffee not being hot enough? IDK, I just work here. 

We’ve had an excellent crew on the scene since then, and they made quick work of the remaining tile demo and installation, as well as sheetrocking the bathroom that was flooded. In total, we have four simultaneous construction projects happening at the same time: kitchen, flooded bathroom, upstairs bathroom to kitchen renovation, and outside apartment. More on those in a later post. 

Here are some before and currents of the downstairs kitchen. Since Counterspace Zachary will be using it as a test kitchen for new recipes and hosting classes, we wanted to brighten up the space and make it more Instagrammable. 

Here's our middle son Emile in the kitchen when we took possession of the house
This is the current status of the kitchen  

We can't wait until the literal dust settles around here and Counterspace can open their doors and welcome you all!