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Memories From Northwestern

Feb 12, 2024 01:32PM ● By Lauren Pope
We got some great comments in response to our facebook post that highlighted a Zachary Faces and Places article about the history of Northwestern Junior Senior High School, the school that became Northwestern Middle following integration. We're highlighting them here. If you have any Northwestern memories, please let us know! We'd love to talk to anyone who attended or taught there. 


Elmer T Glover was the last principal at Northwestern High School in Zachary. I was a member of the last graduating class in 1970. (Class of 91 students). The school was 1st through 12th. Miss Glover, the teacher that I know of, is principal Glover’s daughter. She did not attend Northwestern.

The school was very family orientated and the students were well educated. We excelled in education, and all sports. Our teachers and administration were very caring and wanted the best for us. The article by the late David Horton tells the entire history. We ended up being teachers, principles, ambassadors, doctors, lawyers, White House employees, military ranked officers, ministers, policeman and police chiefs, just to name a few. We had students who attended Mount Holyoke, Spelman, Southern, Dillard, Xavier, Wisconsin and many more.

  • Karon A. Morris

Yes [Miss Glover] is  Elmer T. Glover’s daughter. She taught my son Carlos Perry at Northwestern Middle. She was a good skilled teacher and cared so much for the children. My son loved her. I was under Mr Glover my whole K-12 years.

I don’t remember the “colored part” ever at Northwestern. I do know that there was a school located on Old Slaughter Road where the Masonic hall use to be. Someone sold that historical building and it was torn down. The water fountain was still there but I haven’t seen it in a while. I wish I’d known that would happen because that building and site should have been protected! It was Zachary Colored School. My mom went there in the 50s.

  • Gwendolyn King Perry

Not sure when the name changed to Northwestern but I know it was called that when my dad attended. Gwendolyn King Perry and Karon Morris can give you a lot more history on Northwestern. They both attended from grade school through high school.

  • Catherine Reed