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Travel Thursday: Ireland

Mar 28, 2024 08:34AM ● By Lauren Pope
Brittany Anderson, the third generation owner FunTime Pools,  visited Ireland with her sister, Brandy McMills for the week around St. Patrick's Day. Their 7 day itinerary included stops across the countryside and time in Dublin's vibrant city center. They even toured a working sheep farm! 


Tell us about the planning process. Why did you choose this destination?


We used a travel agency They have groups for over 30, over 40, etc. The price point was fantastic and all 7 days was planned from meals to travel etc. Our trip is summarized here:

"Come to Ireland where the grass really is greener!

See historical monuments, experience stunning green landscapes like the Cliffs of Moher, tour castles, and enjoy pints at authentic pubs."


Which parts of your trip exceeded your expectations?

We had an in depth tour guide with historical knowledge and current. knowledge. He even took us on an extra excursion. His instagram handle is @toms_tours


What would you do differently knowing what you know now? Or, what advice do you have for others interested in traveling to this destination?

I packed a heavy winter coat. I would have packed a light winter jacket and light rain jacket instead. My advice is spend more time in the villages and countryside. The big city of Dublin is too busy and large. Gave us NYC vibes. 


How would you describe the destination? (I.e. family-friendly, romantic getaway, perfect for history buffs, etc.)

family friendly, history buffs, hiking, biking, etc