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Lane Construction Hits Halfway Point!

Feb 06, 2024 07:35PM ● By Lauren Pope

A year after demolition began, construction of the 4-story patient tower is at the half-way point. Exterior work is close to completion, and the focus has shifted to the interior. Weather permitting, the new patient tower will open December 2024. More details and time lapse videos can be found on the Lane website at "“We are excited about the expansion project because it expands Lane’s ability to provide exceptional healthcare in an updated facility focused entirely on patient-centered care.”

- Julie McLin, director of marketing

Construction work has reached significant milestones with the completion of various essential components. Notable accomplishments include the installation of a new sewer line, the establishment of a concrete slab foundation, the erection of two stairwells and elevator shafts, and the implementation of a firewall separating the existing structure from the newly constructed portion. Additionally, structural steelwork has been executed alongside the placement of concrete flooring and the assembly of exterior wall studs and sheathing. A lightweight concrete roof, complemented by rubber matting, has been successfully installed, while three A/C chillers have been incorporated into the system. Moreover, fireproofing spray has been applied to enhance safety measures.

Transitioning into the ongoing phases of construction, the focus has shifted to the fourth floor, with progression slated to descend sequentially. Present tasks encompass the installation of HVAC ducts, provision of temporary lighting fixtures, and reinforcement of plumbing supports. Subsequent activities on the agenda include the execution of electrical and plumbing rough-ins, commencement of wall framing operations, deployment of drywall, and the installation of window frames and glass elements. Concurrently, efforts are underway to advance exterior brickwork, marking a continuation of the meticulous progression toward project completion.


Upon the slated completion of the expansion project in 2026, significant transformations will redefine the hospital's infrastructure. Foremost among these changes is the introduction of a four-story patient tower, accompanied by 37,000 square feet of interior renovations. This expansion aims to modernize and optimize the facility's layout to better serve its growing patient population. Key additions include 48 new patient rooms, featuring expansive windows and walk-in showers, enhancing comfort and accommodation capacity. Furthermore, the hospital will incorporate six additional ICU rooms, augmenting critical care capabilities. Notably, the second floor will be entirely dedicated to a contemporary surgery department, housing four advanced operating suites equipped with cutting-edge technology. This development is expected to streamline surgical procedures and enhance patient outcomes. Additionally, the hospital will introduce 15 private pre- and post-surgery patient rooms, emphasizing personalized care and comfort. Administrative enhancements include the relocation of patient registration and pre-admit areas to the front entrance, facilitating smoother admission processes. Expansion efforts will also encompass the establishment of a new dining room and serving line, expanded lab and imaging areas, and the implementation of UV light technology for purified air throughout the facility. These comprehensive upgrades reflect the hospital's commitment to advancing patient care and modernizing its facilities to meet evolving healthcare needs.