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AARP Beyond the Discounts: Empowering Seniors Through Education, Volunteerism, and Community Engagement

Apr 01, 2024 11:57AM ● By Lauren Pope
When you think of AARP you probably think of travel discounts for retirees or maybe the AARP Magazine  You might not think about classes about everything from caring for aging parents to decluttering your home.

However, according to AARP of Louisiana's director of communication, LaTonya Scott, these volunteer-led classes are a huge part of AARP's mission of community engagement. "We have volunteers that specialize in all sorts of things to staff our wide range of classes. The Downsizing and Decluttering program has been incredibly popular. The volunteer who runs it definitely has a calling for that message."


That Decluttering course is what first alerted us to the AARP's community classes. The Portfolio Book Club recently hosted them, and the members were very impressed by the presentation. It wasn't just a slide show, though. It came with a workbook that walked attendees through every step in decluttering their space to make it more livable for them now, and less of a burden on their children later. 

However, the Decluttering course is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the community services provided by AARP. Beyond helping seniors navigate the complexities of aging, AARP offers a plethora of resources aimed at enhancing the quality of life for older adults through education, advocacy, and community service.

One such program is the AARP Driver Safety course, which is designed to help older drivers stay safe on the roads, understand new traffic laws, and adjust their driving to age-related changes in vision, hearing, and reaction time. This course is not only beneficial for the drivers themselves but also contributes to the safety of the community at large.

Another vital service offered by AARP is the Tax-Aide program. With the help of trained volunteers, this program provides free tax filing assistance to low and moderate-income individuals, especially those 50 and older, helping them navigate the often-complex world of taxes. This service can be a financial lifesaver for many, ensuring they receive all the deductions and credits they are entitled to.

For those looking to give back to their community, AARP's Volunteer Portal offers numerous opportunities. From advocating on legislative issues that matter to the 50-plus population to volunteering at local events, there's a wide range of ways to get involved. This not only helps the community but also provides a sense of purpose and connection for the volunteers.

The impact of these community services is profound. Not only do they provide practical assistance and information, but they also foster a sense of community and belonging among older adults. As LaTonya Scott mentioned, the engagement and dedication of AARP volunteers are crucial. They not only deliver these services but also embody the spirit of community support and enrichment.

AARP's range of community services extends well beyond the perks of membership discounts. Through its educational programs, advocacy, and volunteer opportunities, AARP plays a vital role in enhancing the lives of older adults and their communities. The organization's commitment to offering resources and services that promote independence, dignity, and purpose highlights its comprehensive approach to supporting aging populations across the country.

For more information about AARP's community services and how you can get involved, visit their Louisiana events page at AARP Louisiana Events. Whether you're interested in attending a class, volunteering, or simply learning more about what AARP has to offer, there's something for everyone in their community engagement efforts.