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Raves for Savan Nails

Feb 12, 2024 03:25PM ● By Lauren Pope

 We’re Zachary women, of course we have our nails done!

The Rants and Ravers are Ravin’: The hottest nail spot in town is definitely the newly opened Savan Salon. 

You get the picture! We caught up with salon manager Jessica Thai who walked us through what makes Savan so special. The bottom line? It’s a family business run by nail experts who treat all the customers like they’re also family.


Savan's nail techs are all incredibly skilled artists who take joy in creating beautiful wearable art. They listen carefully to what the customer wants and go beyond simply meeting expectations. I experienced this firsthand when I went in for an ombre French dip. I came away with something even better than the inspo picture I brought in. Now that's something to rave about!