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April 2024 Letter from the Editor

Apr 16, 2024 12:50PM ● By Jen Gennaro

Dear Zachary,

As usual, this issue has taken on a mind of its own. 

When we first started planning this "Homes" issue several months ago, we anticipated featuring the usual array of stunning interior design, cutting-edge trends in building, and inside peeks of Zachary’s most fabulous homes. And you'll certainly find all those elements inside.

However, as we dug deeper into the idea of what truly makes a "home," we realized this issue needed to take a more nontraditional turn—one that extends beyond the four walls and perfectly staged rooms to explore how we fundamentally experience the spaces in which we live. What really constitutes a "dream home?" Well, that depends. For some, it’s defined by square footage and amenities. For others, it’s embracing the emerging trend toward completely customized residences literally built around the personalities, lifestyles and core values of their owners. And, for others, a dream home is a lifetime in the making: finding a place of safety, surrounded by loved ones, after years of unimaginable terror and loss.

Our cover story, “The Enduring Spirit,” details the harrowing journey of Elizabeth David, an 89-year-old Zachary resident who escaped from Hitler in her home country in World War II, ultimately immigrating to South Louisiana. This firsthand account is one of profound courage, sadness and loss, as well as a testament to the human spirit’s ability to simply go on. It’s part of a larger feature section commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day as well as Jewish American Heritage Month. 

I was deeply moved by Ms. Elizabeth’s story. The tragedy she endured in her formative years stands in stark contrast to the comforts and opportunities we enjoy in our modern lives–it certainly puts things into perspective.

We hope the stories in these pages help you appreciate the present while respecting the past, provide inspiration for creating that sense of "home"—whatever it means to you, and ultimately bring more meaning to your day. As always, thanks for reading.

Jen Gennaro